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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Australia 2011

I had an amazing trip to Oz. The training was great, the teammates were great, the support staff was great, and my race went pretty well too. Everything was great!

Now that I am home I feel pretty weird. Almost as if the world is spinning too fast. On the plus side, whenever I collapse into bed, I fall straight asleep! It is the most amazing phenomenon! (normally I am the worst sleeper on the planet). I just had to drag myself out of bed, literally one limb at a time, in order to get ready for school. And then I got distracted and am posting this!

Yay, much anticipated (do I flatter myself?) Aussie video!

Australia from Alexandra Coates on Vimeo.


Matt Sharpe said...

WOW! you got better footage of the race then the itu got!!! the music too!

Kerry said...

fun:) your getting good at this video making Alex!

Kyla Coates said...

yay I love it!! ha it very clearly shows how very last I was in the pack and how very last I was coming out of T2 :(.

Alex Coates said...

Thanks Matt and Kerry! And Kyla, at least there was a whole pack of girls behind you, plus a whole lot of girls who were lapped out.

Lauren said...

Awesome video, Alex!! It probably cost me a fortune to download such a big file... and took forever.. BUT was totally worth it.
See you back in Vic very soon!

Alex Coates said...

Dang! Stupid expensive Aussie internet! I spent $50 trying to download my homework before the flight too :(. I'm glad it was worth it though! See you soon!