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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Before leaving for Australia, I had to finish the video portion of a biomechanics project. The project was titled "Movement Analysis", and the purpose was to use the program Dartfish, along with our biomechanics knowledge to analyze a movement. Unfortunately Dartfish wasn't being cooperative (shutting down randomly and un-tracking my carefully tracked angles), and it made for a very stressful couple of days prior to departure.

For my video I did a swim analysis comparing my strokes to those of "First-out-of-the-water-in-Desmoines-championswimmer-ANDREWMcCARTNEY". Thanks to Andrew for his beautiful technique, thanks to Simon for his video camera, thanks to Rick for filming me, and finally thanks to my lab instructor for somehow exporting the video to me and allowing me to miss so many labs.

Here is the video. Don't get caught up in the specifics, as a lot of the angles/distances/speeds didn't track properly. It's all about the effort right?


Anonymous said...

That's pretty cool - wish they had that when I did triathlons! Good luck to all you Canadian girls! :)

Kerry said...

So Cool!! So what did you learn? What is andrew's secret? haha

Kerry said...
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Alex Coates said...

Thanks! Well I learned quite a bit. From the front angle, when Andrew's hand is at the base of his stroke, his arm angle is about 103 deg, where as mine is only like 80 deg or something. Also, from side angle you can see I enter with an obtuse arm, but I knew that already. Also, check out Andrew's wrist when he catches! Crazy. He also spends a lot more time in catch phase, whereas I am all about the obtuse angle arm glide.