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Thursday, March 17, 2011

In Oz

It is neat to be here in Australia again. The last time I was here for the Australian Youth Olympics we stayed just outside of Sydney. This time we are staying on the Sunshine Coast. The birds are a bit less loud in the mornings here, but they are definitely still present. So far I have seen some parrots and other crazy birds, as well as a small lizard. There are more clouds here seeing as we are on the coast, but the sun is still pretty darn hot, and it is a lot greener here. I am pretty sure I have gotten the same amount of sun in two days here as I did in a week in Hawaii. The UV index must be through the roof!

Riding on the left side of the road in traffic is kind of scary, and cars don't really give you much room when passing. When you get out of the towns and onto some back roads the stress levels go down a little bit. We saw signs saying watch for Koala's out there, but we haven't seen one yet. We also rode up a 17% grade hill yesterday, which was pretty hard. One of these days we'll try the 20%+ hill that is next to our place. I'm scared.

Yesterday I had this weird foot swelling episode when I finished my ride. I wasn't able to make it up to our apartment, because as soon as I stopped riding my feet felt like they were going to explode. I had to lie down with my feet up a pillar outside the lobby for a long time, and then our physiologist gave me a piggy back ride upstairs, where I then lay on the floor with my feet elevated and ice bags attached. Anyone have any ideas why my feet were exploding? Id rather that not happen again. It'll make racing difficult.

I'm making a video. It probably won't be up until I am home however, because I am supposed to be working on my homework at all times that I am not training, eating, sleeping or stretching.



Gregwh said...

Might be worth a trip to the Dr. it's called peripheral edema, there are a number of possibilities regarding the cause:

My usual reference books didn't tell me much. Best wishes!

Gregwh said...

I am gonna go with: caused by the long flight to OZ. Have fun training Down Under.

A2theP said...

Flight, dehydration or old age hehehe.....compression compression. :)

Good luck and lots of fluids if it is really hot down there!

A2theP said...

Flight, dehydration or old age. ;)

Drink lots of fluid if it is really hot and compression compression!

Good luck.

Alex Coates said...

Thanks for the tips! I'm going to go with the flight as well, as it hasn't happened again. It hasn't been as hot as that day either though... luckily (?) I race at 6:30 in the morning, so it shouldn't be too hot!