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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Race 3: Best Race Yet

Quick little race report from this past weekend. Overview (in case you don't want to read Another race report): It was my best race in a looooong time. I've had my fair share of crappy luck and just ok races, so I am very happy to have pulled one together start to finish. I am also so excited for the top five finish, as that has been my goal for every race this year! Yay, I finally accomplished a goal!

The race started with my best swim of my career! I really worked hard to come out front pack, and used all my open water tactics. I don't really know how it happened, but around 300 meters I looked up, realized front pack was right in front of me, and I decided I would give myself 50 strokes to catch on. So I did. In previous races I have gotten into front pack only to be dropped again, but this time I really worked on "drafting like a genius" (as Neil sensei would say), and found the pace wasn't too hard.
As we came into the last 250 meters I could feel the pace picking up, but I wasn't entirely able to stay in close, and a little gap formed. Funny thing was Kyla was one of the ones dropping me! Sheesh! 

I had a super fast transition, and as I leaped on my bike I knew this time I was catching front pack, so I just hammered as fast as I could. Up ahead Kyla was tanking away, unknowingly making my catch up process much harder! She didn't realize I was trying to catch on, as usually I am not very close to front pack out of the water. The 40k bike was long, and fast and hard. We worked really good together as a small pack of 5, and it definitely paid off for the run.

The run was fun. I didn't feel particularly bouncy, but it was fun just running behind Kathy and knowing I was in second! I had passed her on the first lap, but maybe that was a little ambitious, and she passed me back again before the turn around. I didn't let myself believe that I was going to come top five until the last lap, where I finally allowed myself to accept it. Crossing the line was such a great feeling. I honestly haven't had a race to be super proud of in quite some time, but I am very proud of this one. My happiness and excitement lasted the few minutes it took for Kyla to collapse at the finish line, and then that was it. It was a happy couple of minutes though. (You can check out her blog for a report on that near death experience).

Thanks to Mom and Dad and coach Pat and coach Carolyn, and for everyone who cheered for me as I was racing! Also thanks to Rick Say for teaching me to swim, because I finally came out front pack! Congrats to all the girls and all the guys. Be seeing you soon (too soon too soon) in San Francisco!

Here is a video of the race (if reading everyone's race reports wasn't enough!). I do some funny nervous dancing before being called up, and it is extra funny because I don't remember doing it! 

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Gregwh said...

Great Race Alex, you were in the zone!