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Monday, July 11, 2011

San Francisco

If last race was my best race ever, then this race was my hardest race ever. Every race is hard, but this one definitely had an edge to it. Because I am really tired, and have already written a couple of race reports that then were deleted when they wouldn't load in the airport, this post may lack inspiration. Sorry. Here's my quick recap:

The race started off with a pretty messy swim. It wasn't too fast, but maybe because we were all floaty in our wetsuits and in the salt water, we were constantly on top of each other. I spent most of the swim at the tail end of front pack. Right at the end gaps began forming, and so I didn't know where my position was as I ran out of the water.

I had my worst transition ever, as I was pretty dizzy from the run up the stairs in the wetsuit. The bikes were also very close together, and I wasted time trying to get all my stuff in my box in between the other girls. In hindsight it would have been better to take the 15 second penalty and make front pack, but I didn't think of that at the time.

Chase pack formed with a bunch of a girls, but because of the huge wind, and 90 degree corners everywhere, we quickly became a pack of three. On the second or third lap (I got pretty messed up with the laps), Shultz, a new canadian elite caught up to our pack. She definitely was planning on riding straight through us as she had the girls behind us, but luckily my girls were strong and we latched ourselves to her successfully. The next 3-4 laps were just one endless tuck at the back for me, with giant sprints for dear life as gaps formed on certain corners. I was completely dropped a number of times, and then had to do massive sprint time trial maneuvers to get myself back on. It was kind of frustrating as we weren't working together at all, just trying to stay with Schultz the whole time.  We rode through a couple of girls, but only Stevie was able to stick in our pack. On the final corner before the hill, Shultz went down in front of us. For some reason I wasn't surprised, and so I was able to calmly dodge around her as she skidded out. She was very tough though and got up and finished the race!

Because I had lost track of the laps, and the lap counters had counted wrong, I didn't realize we were done the bike until the other girls started un-doing their shoes. Normally I eat a gel right at the end of the bike before the run, but I didn't have time to this race. I also had barely had anything to drink during the ride, so I was feeling pretty bad going into the run. My hands were cramping.

As I exited T2 I took a gel, knowing I would need it. I also thought I would immediately hit a water station, as they had mentioned in the race meeting. Of course there was no water station there, and I ended up having to run all the way to the end of the first lap before I could wash the gel down and try to hydrate a bit. Not going to lie, I was pretty pissed about that. I drink a lot in races usually, and so to only have 3 stations for the entire 10 k was not cool. Especially because they had said there would be two per lap!

My run felt slow and painful, but I had immediately dropped the other girls from my pack, and was gaining on the girls in the front, so I just tried to give myself positive encouragement. People thought that I was in fourth place, and so they were all encouraging me to catch the Australian girl in front of me in order to get on the podium. I  knew that I was actually in fifth, but I decided to just go for it, and I used up all my effort to eventually catch the Australian girl and pass her with about 500 meters to go. Luckily she didn't stick with me, and I was able to cross the line in fourth with plenty of room.

To be honest I was just super happy for the race to be over when I crossed the line. I was crazy excited to find out that Matt won! I also was excited for Sarah-Anne, but I don't think I was too surprised. That girl is amazing.
Post race dinner with the Canadians downtown was awesome, and overall I had a great weekend! So fourth race of the year down and in a couple of weeks I'll be racing in my first ever European Cup! Wish me Luck!!

Here are some crappy phone pictures:

Sarah-Anne Winning

Matty Sharpe Winning!

Matt doing a stretch to accept his medal

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