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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Globe trottin' 2010-2011

This past year was definitely a break-through season for me. All years come with a bad race here or there, but looking at the season from a broad perspective, I am very happy with it. I am especially pleased to have achieved my goal (existent since my first year as a junior in 2006) of qualifying for World Championships. Now that's what you call a long range goal!

Following Kyla's example, I am going to do a year in review in pictures.
Started the year off with some cross-biking in Victoria!

Got to participate in an early season (January) training camp in Maui. It was the best camp ever! 

In March I did a training camp in Australia, and then finished the camp off by racing the Mooloolaba Oceanic Cup, and surprised myself with a 7th place finish.

Raced the Ixtapa Continental Cup in May, and finished 9th. It was definitely the hottest race I have done to date.

Finished 2nd at Coteau-du-lac in June! This was my breakthrough race for sure, and I achieved the top 5 needed to qualify for U23 Worlds.

Two weeks later I raced in San Francisco! I was tired going into the race, but still finished 4th, which solidified my U23 Worlds team position. I then got to tour around with my Mom and Dad the next day! This is a pic of Matt and Sarah, who both won the races.

Went and did a camp in France in July, and then raced in Banyoles, Spain. It was my worst race of the year, but I gained international racing experience. I placed 19th. This picture is of Matt and I in Barcelona.

In August I came 8th at Nationals in Kelowna, and 4th Canadian. This is me on "the Hill". I think that is a pain face, not a smile. 

Competed at U23 Worlds in Beijing at the beginning of September! It was freezing! Finished 10th and was very happy!

Finished the season off by training solo (and by solo I mean with my sister) in order to  get my World Cup Standards (Unfortunately I didn't quite get the swim. Soon!) Here I am about to go do a late September swim in Lake Matheson.

In the last post I thanked my coaches and support staff, so this post is definitely where I thank all my sponsors and partners! First off, Nineteen wetsuits supplied me with the amazing wetsuit you see in the above picture! As we do a lot of open water swimming, it was definitely a huge help! Trek Procity and Ridley's (Calgary) always help me out with my biking needs, so thanks guys! Thanks to Tri-It for all of their continued support (I definitely would check out their amazing tri-store if you are in Calgary), you can also order awesome Biknd bike bags through them. Thanks to Kiwami for the awesome race suit, and finally thanks to Spartan Controls for their financial support. All of the logos on the right of my blog are links to the shops sites if you wish to check them out!


Janessa Klatt said...

hey just checking out some triathlete blogs and i love you "race season in photos!" i may be doing something similar on my blog... :) great race season by the way.

Jairus Streight said...

What a year indeed! Proud of you Superalex! :D

Alex Coates said...

Thank you Guys! :)