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Monday, December 19, 2011


Time sure flies when you are having fun, or if you are too busy to rest. This last couple of months have been the latter, but it definitely flew by. I did my first semester ever of 5 courses, and it wasn't optimal, but it is nice to have 5 less courses on the plate. I think I have 11 or 12 courses left of my undergrad. This semester I was in Chemistry (which was way harder than it should have been. Any first years out there, take chem 101/102 while your high school chem is still fresh in your mind!), Exercise Physiology, Health Psychology, Medical Anthropology (which I highly recommend), and finally Golf. Before you laugh at golf, I will say it is required to take 3 activity courses for kinesiology, and we had to do a presentation, a biomechanics analysis of our swing, a midterm, a final and they marked us on our shots. So basically I am whining about having to take golf. Okay now you can laugh.  I am envious of Dorelle and Angela in Ontario, who have both finished up their degrees (they started at the same time as me), but the road is full of choices, and I have picked the scenic route. Not to say I regret it. Last year I travelled to Maui, Australia, Mexico, Quebec, San Francisco, France, Spain, and finally Beijing. Pretty neat stuff.

After Christmas it is looking as though I will not be taking any courses, despite my growing anxiety to get my degree done. Need to let go of the ego. I am taking advantage of the fact that Paula is going to the Olympics (Yay!) and plan on (hopefully) following her around and living life as a triathlete. Eat, sleep, stretch, strength, yoga, swim, bike, run. Easy stuff. I look forward to improving on last year. This will be my first time (believe it or not), taking second semester completely off, so I plan on getting super fast. No big deal. 

Anyways, I leave you with this picture of us NTC-ers in our new hoodies. 

Merry Christmas!!

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