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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Maui Week Three

Here we are already in the third week of our Maui camp! There have been some exhausted days but overall I think the camp has been a great progression, and good consistent training.

Paula on her napping bed

Since the last update we have ridden the rode to Hana. We thought it would take 3 hours, but it only took 2:40. Since I train with crazy girls, we did an extra 20 out and back to make it a solid three hour ride. We then put on our bikinis and went for a little swim in the Ocean.(Don't worry, we did a solid "real" swim before we did the ride). Then Pat drove us all the way back. Thanks Pat!

Quick stop on the rode to Hana
We also did the winery ride, which was very beautiful.
Paula and some pals at the Winery

Our runs have been solid. The heat gives them an added challenge, as the cardiac drift hits you 20 minutes in, and you begin to wonder if your "steady" is really steady at all. You begin to think, maybe this is tempo. Actually maybe this is race pace.
Girls before a run in the cane fields

After my first ocean swim which was a fail, I have done much better in the next two swims. Despite the choppy conditions I have figured out a good ocean stroke which seems to work. Hopefully I can hold onto it.

On top of training we have had two easy days, and so the first day we hit up some shopping and beaching in Wailea.

Kyla and Ellen in Wailea
Cute girls
Yesterday's easy day was a bit more recovery focused. I woke up ten minutes before a yoga session, so I ran over there, and then found out the long way that it was a 90 minute class. I then hit up the Normatech, got a massage, and had a little rest on the local beach. In the evening we went to the movies, and got some frozen yogurt!

As of right now I have no clue if I am racing soon or not, but there is potential that I am, and so I shall continue to train purposefully.


Our family BBQ

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