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Friday, March 23, 2012

Triathlon vs Hunger Games

A few days ago we had the afternoon off, it was bucketing rain, and it happened to be the opening day of The Hunger Games. So naturally we went. That’s right, we didn’t even need advanced tickets to see it two days before you guys.  Booyah.

Anyways I loved it. The only problem was I was so into it, and so busy trying to put myself in the character’s shoes, that I basically gave myself a stress attack and would love to see it again in order to view it as a movie instead of a real event. As Ellen said, “Well it puts triathlon into perspective; at least we aren’t going to die!”

Which is why I am doing a post on the similarities between the Hunger Games and Triathlon.
In the Hunger Games the contestants can’t sleep the night before. In Triathlon athletes can’t sleep the night before. The difference is that some triathletes have learned to drug themselves to sleep the night before. cough

In the Hunger Games, pre-fight-to-death, contestants panic in their separate chambers. They then get to line up next to each other and try to decide their game plan for when the horn goes off.
In Triathlon athletes panic in warm up, and then line up next to each other and try to decide the direction they are going to go when the horn goes off. The only difference is that in the Hunger Games contestants can’t fight on the startline, whereas I’ve witness a fight on the startline in a triathlon.

In the Hunger Games it isn’t necessarily the fastest or strongest who wins, but the person who can put it all together. Such as being good at little things like climbing trees and finding food.
In Triathlon it isn’t necessarily the fastest or strongest who wins but the person who can put it all together. Such as being good at little things like catching waves and fast transitions. Who am I kidding – climbing trees and hunting squirrels are way more badass.

In the Hunger Games there is (supposed to be) only one winner. In Triathlon there is only one winner. The difference is in Triathlon if you come second you still get to pop champagne and make some moola. In hunger games you are dead.

In Hunger Games everyday bystanders watch on TV while other people are in pain and suffering and pushing themselves to the limits and breaking bones and dying. Same for triathlon minus the dying.

So now you can see why I got so worked up in the movie. Triathlon and Hunger Games are the same thing! Other than the dying and the fact that the Hunger Games is a kid’s book.

Anyways, I am not racing this weekend because I believe I tore a muscle (my oblique if you care). Ok, fine, in the Hunger Games it wouldn’t matter if you tore a muscle. But in Triathlon you can be a wuss and make good decisions and so I am not racing but am excited to watch the races happily and with less stress than during the movie.

Good Luck to Brent, Kyle, Jordan and Aaron racing for men and Lauren, Chantelle, Alison, Madi and Ellen racing for women. Also good luck to Jeff and AMac in Ixtapa.


Kerry said...

your blog is my favorite.. so you :)

Alex Coates said...

Haha thanks Kerry! Can't wait to catch up with you one day soon and hear about your adventures!

Alex Coates said...
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Jairus Streight said...

Seeing as UVIC has a Quidditch team, I think we should at least be able to have a Hunger Games tournament. seems fair?

Brendan Robertson said...

Hey who says that Hunger games is a kids book lol ;) Nice Post