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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

5 Fun Facts from the Olympic Triathlon

I stole some of these facts from Twitter, and some from my own brain. All of the pictures were by Delly Carr with the exception of the last one that came from google. Hup Hup

1. You know the treadmill at the gym that goes 20 km/hr max? Jump on that for 30 minutes and you are still 53 seconds behind Alistair Brownlee in the 10 km run of the triathlon. His 5 km split was 14:14.

2. Alistair ran a 29.07 10k, which is only 1 minute and 37 seconds slower than Mo Farah, the winner of the Olympics men's 10 000 meters. Had he been in the 10k final, he would have placed 26th with that time. He also walked in the last few meters. (Don't forget he swam 1500m and biked 40+k all-out prior to that run, and that the 10 000 m is on a track!). 

3. Javier Gomez swam a 17 minute 1500m in the lake. That is holding an average of 1:08s/100m while being drowned by other swimmers. All you swimmers who think that is easy- go try it. I will allow that the wetsuits probably helped. Still- go try it.
(side note: Varga was actually first out of the water in 16:56, which is 1:07.7s)

4. The women's race took 1:58.48 for Nicola Spirig and Lisa Norden. Somehow their sprint finish was closer in time than the women's and men's 100 m sprint final! 

5. There is a good chance that the speed bump Simon crashed on at the beginning of the bike was the same one that Kyla crashed on two years ago! Both Kyla and Simon broke their collarbones. Gotta watch out for them London speed bumps. 


Gregwh said...

Course Officials: Please get rid of those speed bumps on the Olympic Triathlon course!

Jose A. Hernandez said...

The guy that Simon (accidentally) "took out" of the race, Costa Rican Leo Chacon somehow finished the race. An amazing demonstration of courage and will power.