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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

9 steps for not-so-great days

Lately I've had a bunch of not-so-great feeling days, and I realized there is a common set of steps I go through when I'm having one of those days. Thought I'd share them. Basically you roll through each step until you feel better.

Step 1: Drink water. Lots of water. With a lemon/lime if possible!

Step 2: Drink Coffee

Step 3: Eat protein and healthy fats!

Step 4: Eat carbs!

Step 5: Eat Chocolate!

Step 6: have a nap

Step 7: Even after a nap you still feel like shit? Take supplements!

Step 8: Drink Coffee! Drink Coffee! Drink Coffee!

Step 9: You are a lost cause. Go to bed earlier! You probably won't be able to fall asleep however after all that coffee.

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