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Thursday, November 8, 2012

2012 Season Review

Let's be honest, this is a triathlon blog, and with about five or six months until the 2013 racing season, there is a good chance my blogging will drop off the face of the earth for a bit. There will be some ramblings about training camps, random things that spike my interest, and I might post some pictures... but in reality my blogging frequency should go down. Before that happens I thought I'd better do a 2012 season wrap up. A lot happened this year! I didn't necessarily meet all of my goals, or perform the way I wanted to, but I am a different triathlete than I was a year ago, which may be just as important.

Here is a multi-media review of my year.

In January I was lucky enough to go to Maui again. It was (once again) an amazing experience!

In March we did the Bazan Bay 5km. I was mostly just pacing Ali (who had paced me to my World Cup standard in the swim earlier that week!), but here is a video of the race:

My hip injury began shortly after that race, and unfortunately I left for the Australia training camp despite that. It was a great camp, but I didn't really do much training:

Here is a video from the Mooloolaba races that I was cheer/support squad for:

I returned from Australia and Paul McIntyre got my hip back into good enough shape to progress back into training. At the beginning of June I raced my first race in the Dallas PanAmerican Cup.

A month later I raced in my first World Cup and first sprint race in almost three years at the Edmonton World Cup.

Less than two weeks later I raced the Magog PanAmerican Cup which was also Canadian U23 Nationals.

The Olympics happened! I think I learned so much about about sport, and about triathlon, and about myself, and about people (both good and bad), from watching these Olympics. 

A month after Edmonton I raced the Kelowna PanAmerican Cup which is always one of my favorite races of the season:

photo cred: Noa Deutsch

Had a week of easy training after Kelowna where Kyla, Austin and I did some adventuring! Not too much running happened on this easy week because I had the worst blisters of my life. I wouldn't even describe them as blisters so much as gouges in my feet. 

School started, training accelerated and in the middle of September I raced in Buffalo and got to see the awesome Ontario Crew! The funny (or sad?) thing about this picture was that Joanna made front pack and I didn't:

I'm the one at the back of the picture

At the end of October I raced at U23 World Championships in Auckland, which was the highlight of my season!

That's the end of the 2012 season! Right now I am mostly a lazy student, although I have been doing this super awesome core yoga routine, so my abs aren't entirely gone yet. ;)

I don't want to end this blog post with yet another thank you... but how can I not? Thank you for your support everyone! Let's see what we can make of 2013! 

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