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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Need Motivation?

I have recently begun some sessions with our amazing sport psychologist, and this week's homework was to find an inspirational video. I already knew which video I wanted to pick (see number 1), but I thought it would be cool to see what else is out there. Turns out there isn't much. I'm instantly turned off by corny or sappy, so that eliminates at least 90% of them. Also, Simon throwing his hat down in Beijing doesn't exist on the internet! Here is my (slightly pathetic) top 5 of what I did find.

#5. Not the world's most inspirational video, but if you need a little testosterone surge here is the All Blacks doing their best Haka in my opinion:

#4. I realize that Lance Armstrong is a doper (so are most of the best cyclists in the Tour de France, let's face it), but that doesn't make getting a top tube to the nads any less painful.

#3. Falling down and getting back up is a pretty good theme. This one is neat:

#2. I said corny videos throw me off... and they do. This one, however, has some pretty bad-ass clips in it. I put it at #2.

#1. Most awesome video ever. Woohoo

Got any better ones?


Kirsten said...

Is that Gomez getting lapped?!?!

Alex Coates said...

I slowed it down, and it's not his face!

Gregwh said...

Thanks for the awesome post Alex- really well timed here at the beginning of the tri season for most of us. Now I know why Whitfield was worried about Docherty's kick!

Gregwh said...