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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Wrap Up and THANK YOUs

It's almost October!! Whaaatttt??? Man, how time flies!

I'm back at school for my final 4 classes! Crazy! This little degree is almost wrapped up. I'm also excited because I am pretty sure (not 100% official yet) that I will get a minor in psychology along with my Kinesiology degree! I also decided to do an honours project this year, so my Kinesiology certificate just got a bunch of fancy words on it really quickly. Cool beans. Friends... you will be subjects for my honours project. Just a heads up.
I'm doing a practicum as a Trainer for Rugby in one of my classes... rough stuff
My season this year did not go as I had intended. I wasn't able to race at all, and wasn't able to hit any of my goals this year, other than breaking 17:00 in a 5k back in March. It is disappointing for sure. It is hard to follow a four year plan when you skip a year! However it wasn't a complete waste. Injuries are the perfect time for self-reflection, and for really learning about your strengths and weaknesses. Injuries allow you to focus on neglected areas, and they give you a nice sense of perspective. Although I am not happy that I was unable to race this season, I did learn a lot, and do come back into this new season with perspective.
Matt and super-physio Marilyn
I was able to spend months focusing on my swim with Carolyn, Alan and national swim coach Randy Bennet. I also spent five weeks in Spain learning from Kyla Rollinson and Jaime Turner, not to mention his tenacious squad. I worked with a host of amazing physiotherapists including Paul McIntyre and Sue Lott here in Victoria, and Marilyn Adams and Helen O'Neill in Vitoria, Spain. I also spent a week in Vancouver working on my full body strength with Anthony Findlay out of Level 10 fitness. I am really excited about that as I have needed an individualized strength program for a long time, and I am very pleased to have one to focus on for the next coming months. Although I wasn't able to race this year, I was able to fill up my tool box a bit more, which is also important.
Spain Squad
I am having a little knee procedure really soon, and so hopefully that will allow me to race next season and to begin my three year journey. I need to thank everyone who has helped me and believes in me. I may not have the raw talent of some of these girls, but I think I have a lot of untapped potential that one day, with consistent hard work, will express itself.
Coach Kyla, Matt and I in San Sebastian
Thank you to all of the people I mentioned above. You are the best. Thank you Libby for taking me to Spain, it was an amazing experience. Thank you to my sponsors, who have stuck by me even when I fall off of the radar. TRI-IT, you are the best! Not only the best triathlon shop in Canada, but the best people too. Aqua sphere, thank you for the amazing wetsuits and goggles. Although I never raced in the suit this year, it travelled around with me and came to good use while I trained with some of ITUs fastest swimmers! Aqua Sphere Canada is truly the Western Canadian wetsuit company, and I am proud to be a part of their team.
Tri-It gang with Kyla and I in Aqua Sphere!

Thank you teammates and friends. Thank you coaches. Thank you parents and family!

Climb on!

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Thomas Warren said...

Alex you're a star. Can't wait to see you back on the scene next year. If you'd like to come down under, feel free to use me as a test subject. I usually need some sort of work haha!