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Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Years 3 for 3

New Years is kind of a funny concept. Although we like to think we are given a new start and a clean slate every year, in reality nothing really changes from December 31st to January 1st. However, even if New Years is a societal paradigm, I too like the feeling of getting a chance to start anew. In this light, I am going to outline my top 3 best moments of 2013, my top 3 worst moments of 2013 (shall we call them learning opportunities?), and my top 3 lessons I will take with me into 2014.

Top 3 Moments/Experiences of 2013:

#3. Training Camp in Clermont

Although this was early season training, and I was rather swamped with school-work for the entire camp (darn you childhood psychological disorders!), I loved the "Team Canada" atmosphere, the top-notch coaching, and the amazing runs in the Orange Groves. 

Here is the recap video from that trip:

#2. Level 10 Fitness 

Returning from Spain at the end of the summer with my tail between my legs was a little discouraging, but I still wanted to make the most of August training before taking a mental break. Kyla and I had identified a weakeness in our training a couple of years ago, which was a lack of individualized strength work. We really felt as though the only way to break the injury cycle was to really work on our specific imbalances and weaknesses. I asked super-physio Marilyn Adams who she recommended I see, and I then spent a week in Vancouver working with Anthony at Level 10 Fitness. I am so grateful for this experience and really think that working with Anthony has been one of my top highlights of the year, as it is something I have been looking for for a long time. Here is a little "Merry Christmas" and "Thank You Anthony" video we put together:

#1. Vitoria, Spain

Training in Vitoria with the other Canadians, and the international squad was such a great month for me for 2013. I have never experienced such a cohesive, positive, and high performance training environment, and so I am so grateful to have had this opportunity. It really was my number 1 moment of 2013, and so Thank You to everyone who made that possible for me. 

Top 3 Worst Moments of 2013: 

#3. My Entire School Year:

Not sure why, but I killed myself in school in 2013. I think the end of my degree was drawing near, and I just wanted to get'er done!!! I overestimated my ability to juggle everything (as usual), and ended up having to literally write down a daily schedule so that I would know which time of the day to do laundry, or cook dinner, in order to fit everything in. Having to schedule every minute of your day is not healthy. 

#2. Injuries... always Injuries!

Although I was able to train fairly well this year, I did have a knee injury that kept me from racing for the entire season. In 2010 (my first year U23) I also didn't race due to injury (pretty much the same injury, but other knee), so this is my second full season where I was unable to compete. It is very hard to put in the hours and not have anything to show for it, but it is the hard times that teach you how to improve. In 2010 I relied on other people to tell me how to manage my injury and get better. This time around I was really able to look at myself, my environment, my program etc. and decide what needed work. So although not being able to race for an entire season was definitely a low moment of the year, I do not feel as though this was a "bad triathlon year" in that respect. 

#1. Calgary June Floods and family illnesses: 

The Calgary Floods were pretty devastating for a lot of people. Just like in a house fire, your home and all your worldly possessions get destroyed in one go. However, at least if your house burns down you have home insurance (not trying to belittle a house-fire though). My parents bulldozed what remained of our house, and are now renting elsewhere. This year has also been very hard on my family in terms of health. The big "C" has hit my extended family pretty hard. In tough times your family is all you have, and I am so grateful for having such an amazing, supportive family! 

My Top 3 Lessons from 2013:

#3.  I absorbed a lot of triathlon lessons this past year, and I can't write them all down here because then I would have to kill you. I can tell you though that I feel like I am in a good space right now, and that I go into 2014 with maturity, intelligence, patience, and perseverance (and a little bit of unbridled ambition). 

#2. I learned (again) that I need to remember I can only do so much. Although I learned the hard way many years ago, and I know that to take on too much is to sacrifice success in all aspects, I still keep finding myself taking on more than I can handle. One of my big goals of 2014 is to NOT TRY TO DO EVERYTHING! My T-shirt business, exercise physiology degree, volunteer escapades, organic farming, and lampwork bead-making hobbies (as well as everything else cool) might have to wait a bit. And that is ok. 

#1. From the Floods I think I had a nice little touch of reality instilled in me. Mother Nature doesn't care if you are rich or poor (well maybe a little if you can afford to build a natural-disaster resistant home), and things, however sentimental, are only things. Making money is important, but can't be the be-all-end-all of your life. You never know when all your money/material belongings will be taken away, and all you will have left is your life!!! The only thing you really own is your experiences. I've never been excessively materialistic, but in 2014 I will bring with me a new sense of gratitude for how fragile life is, and how important it is to live in the present.

So those are my 3 for 3 of 2013! I also have thought about some New Years resolutions, but those are more of the basic things that don't really need discussing... (Go to bed earlier for gosh sakes! How can you call yourself "paleo" if you eat all that sugar?? Do the standing yoga poses at least twice a week!!! Roll every day! Drink water first thing in the morning! You never take your iron! etc. etc. etc.)

So here is to a super awesome 2014!!!! 

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