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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Mission Accomplished

Well gang, we did it!! A full season complete, without any major injuries or setbacks, and culminating with a start at my biggest World Cup ever!! Pretty cool if you ask me. My overarching goal for this season was to race healthy and to get back to peak fitness, something that I haven't achieved since 2011, so to be able to accomplish that goal is really huge. Sure I wanted more - better results, more big races - but considering last year I didn't even toe a startline, I'm pretty darn happy.

Some Canadians in Cozumel
Since my last post I raced 3 races: Kelowna sprint PanAm cup, Monterrey PanAm cup, and Cozumel sprint World Cup. Of the three my best race was definitely Monterrey, where I raced to win from the start, but fell short with a 6th place finish. My least desirable result came in Cozumel with a 29th place finish. One might argue that this was due to the competitive nature of the race, however I believe I could have placed much higher on the day with some tactical changes and attention to detail. Despite my finish, I think Cozumel was my most valuable race of the season, and was by far the most exciting and rewarding. I learned more about myself and racing during that one sub-hour long race than probably all of my races combined (not including the Saskatoon chase). 

Cozumel World Cup

Monterrey Pan American Cup
Another note-worthy occurrence since my last post was my move out to Guelph! Following Monterrey I returned to Victoria, said one last goodbye to the beautiful Island and then found myself on a plane to Ontario to join the RTC Guelph. I made this decision a while ago, and was pretty nervous about the move for a bit, but by "go time" I was ready. I am all on my own for the first time, with Twinsie still in Vic, and Austin pursuing his masters of philosophy at Western University. I think this will be a great opportunity for growth for me. I trained for 3 weeks with the group, and I loved it! Thanks for the welcome guys, you all rock. 

I'm now on my off-season break!! I spent an extra couple days in Cozumel with Paula as she prepared for Cartagena, which was perfect. I then got back, spent a day with Austin in London, and then headed to Calgary for Thanksgiving! I have a lot to be thankful for, such as (but obviously not limited to) my health that allows me to "Live the Dream", my family, coaches, and supporters. I then worked the CEP booth at the Toronto Marathon, which almost killed me (no sunlight seen all day long!), but was awesome. Now I am spending some quality time with the philosopher in London while attempting to catch up on all my to-do's! Busy off-season. 

Paula and I scooting around the Island
So hipster
John sad that I was crushing him at sock sales
Thank you momma and poppa for everything. One day I will be a contributing member to society, I swear. Thanks Carolyn Murray for your patience, which allowed me to work through my niggles this year to gradually get back on track. Thanks Craig Taylor and RTC Guelph... Together we shall do big things! Thanks to Anthony Findlay at Level 10 Fitness for teaching giving me the tools to become invincible. Thanks Brandon Cali at Total Body Chiropractic back in Victoria for dealing with me (often twice a week!) during my low periods this year. Thanks to my awesome sponsors this year: Aqua Sphere wetsuits (and goggles and swimsuits!), Tri-It, Elevate Me bars, CEP compression, and Schwalbe Tires! (Music starts playing...). Finally thanks to my teammates- you know how important you are. We couldn't do this on our own. Love ya!!! 

CEP socks pre-race in Cozumel
Awkward pre-race pic of me in Aqua Sphere Goggles
Aqua Sphere Wetsuit good for Ocean swims 

Check out Tri-It if you are ever in Calgary - or check them out online! (Promo code: Tritwins for 10% off)

Canadian, clean, fruit, nut and protein bars!
Cause you can't ride a bike without tires. 

Now to find a job! 

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