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Thursday, January 22, 2015

New Everything & Everything is Awesome.

So many new things... one doesn't know where to begin!

I suppose I should start with the fact that it is 2015. Whew. Now that I have that off my chest, I should tell you that 2015 means I am now 25 years old. I have officially entered the years where I am older than most current celebrities, my friends are getting married, and some are even having children. Stop it. Just stop. I also just moved into my own little basement suite, and am flying solo for the first time. So far, despite the fact that I am 25 years old and am not in the slightest bit ready to have children, both emotionally and financially, 2015 has been great.

This year is exciting for me in many ways. It is the first year where I am officially done my undergrad, and am focusing solely on triathlon. It feels a little strange to literally have exercising as my sole focus for the week (it isn't actually exercising, it is training. There is a difference), but I am loving it. I am also really good at making myself busy. You'd think that having to only worry about training would give you plenty of free time, but the truth is I am still learning how to calm down and not overload myself.

That being said, training is going really well! This is one of the first fall/winter blocks in a long time where I can say that. I'm focusing on swimming and consistency (no injuries, no illness), which are my weaknesses. I believe the work will pay off. I also had an awesome Christmas at home (Calgary), complete with lots of cross-country skiing, some beautiful Radium swims, and family time!

I've also started a new job. I am officially an online personal coach for Loaring Personal Coaching, which is based out of Guelph, but is comprised of athletes from all over Ontario, and even some international athletes. So if you wish to be coached by me, I happen to be accepting athletes who are ready to make some magic, crush dreams, take names... you know the drill. ( I also accept athletes who don't necessarily want to destroy the field, but are instead looking for fitness and fun. That is cool too).

I wrote the CSEP Certified Personal Trainer exams and passed, so now once I re-certify my CPR and First Aid I will be a certified personal trainer. Not quite as neat as my sister who passed the CSEP Exercise Physiologist exams and is now a certified ex.phys, but I do what I can. 

Finally I have some new partners and sponsors who have invested in me this year, and I am determined to make their investment worthwhile. To begin, I am now running with Skechers Performance! If you haven't checked out their shoes, I think you should. I was extremely impressed by the quality and feel of their running shoes. I am not lying to you even a little bit when I say they are my favourite shoes I have ran in to date. Their clothes are sweet as well.

I have a new bike thanks to Argon 18 and Ciclo Werks! Argon 18 is such a cool company, because not only are they Canadian, but just this year they are partnering with a German Pro Team - Team Bora Argon18! I am privileged to ride the Gallium Pro, which is the same bike that these riders will use. It doesn't get much better than that. Ciclo Werks is an amazing little bike shop in Waterloo that carries top of the line bikes and has an awesome Euro feel. Thanks for partnering up with me this year guys! 

Easton Cycling is another sponsor I am really stoked about! For a long time I have wanted to race on carbon clinchers, because of the fear of getting a flat right before a race on tubulars. It happened to Kyla once (PATCO Champs Oklahoma 2009. She still won the race, but it was stressful). Anyways, imagine how stoked I am to now be partnered with the company that makes the fastest carbon clincher on the market! You can read about it here - I'm not making this stuff up. 

I also have some other partners that might be joining me or re-joining me for another year, but we'll hold off on that until loose ends are tied up. 

I also have a new Espresso Machine. 

So that is all that is new with me in this new year of 2015. Remember: Happiness creates success! 

Signing off - SuperA

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